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Release Notes

IDEA Plugin 0.0.4 - June 13th 2021

  • fixed issues with syntax highlighting in string interpolation
  • brace matcher
  • commenter support

Yona 0.8.2-SNAPSHOT:

  • TCP Socket Client, Server, Connection modules
  • Updated Seq, Set and Dict to match Haskell's fold and reduce interface and also some new functions
  • Stopwatch module
  • Benchmarks and examples available in the source repository
  • Improved REPL experience
  • Deamon context managers
  • GraalVM 21.1.0-java-16 is required now, see installation page for details
  • Added ability to "execute" a module that exports a zero argument function called main

Yona 0.8.1-SNAPSHOT:

  • resource management
  • STM module
  • Regexp module
  • IO module now containing println, read and readln functions
  • REPL, with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, history, etc.
  • GraalVM 20.3.0 is required now, see installation page for details

IDEA Plugin 0.0.1 - June 17th 2020

Yona 0.8.0: alpha version - May 25th 2020

  • first public release
  • release available from GiHub releases

Last update: June 13, 2021