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Simple scheduling of tasks.


Use this module to schedule task execution.

Scheduling a repeating task

Function run accepts two argument:

  • how_often a tuple representing how often the task should be repeated
  • what a 0-argument function to be run in the provided period

Depending on the how_often, the first execution is delayed until the next occurrence of this period. In other words, the first invocation of (:every, :minute) will happen in the next exact minute, if it's 13:32:40 now, then the first invocation is 13:33:00. If it's (:every, :day), then the first run will be scheduled at 00:00:00 the next day.

Specification of how_often options

Frequency of the execution is specified as a tuple like (:every, time_unit), where time_unit is one of:

  • :second
  • :minute
  • :hour
  • :day
  • :week


Scheduler::run (:every, :minute) (\-> IO::println "hello")  # print hello every minute at 0 seconds

Last update: August 25, 2021