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This module provides non-blocking functions for reading and writing on TCP connections. Connection can be estabilished either by the Client or Server module.


Reading from a connection

Function read_until accepts a connection and a function of one argument, a byte, that returns a boolean representing whether to read more data from the socket or return whatever has been read so far.


socket\tcp\Connection::read_until connection (\b -> b != 10b)

Reading a line from a connection

Function read_line accepts a connection and returns a line of input delimited by a LF (ASCII 10) character.


socket\tcp\Connection::read_line connection

Writing to a connection

Function write accepts a connection and a sequence of data (string - sequence of characters, or a sequence of bytes) to be sent to the other side on this connection.


socket\tcp\Connection::write connection "hello"

Last update: August 10, 2021